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Toyota prius roof rack

toyota does not make a factor rack for the Prius–any ideas on someone who makes one that will fit?

I Just Searched “Prius Roof Rack” And Got All KInds Of Hits.


Sears usually has a good selection of roof racks.


You do realize, don’t you, that mounting a roof rack on a Prius will pretty much defeat the purpose of the car? Your gas mileage will decrease significantly, even if the roof rack has nothing on it. As soon as you put anything on the roof rack the gas mileage will drop even more.

If you must use a roof rack now and then, I suggest you remove it from the vehicle whenever you don’t absolutely need it.

I understand that concern, but life and reality intrudes on my best intentions–have you ever packed for a vacation with two young children? I think I’m still ahead of the game by trying this work around rather than buying a giant vehicle, yes?

Why A Giant Vehicle? Why Not A Comfortable, Practical Size Vehicle?

Prius + roof rack does not = giant size vehicle.

Just make sure you are not overloading. It’s easy to cram a lot in a roof-mounted box. Besides the wind resistance hurting your milage, it’ll greatly affect your handling, and may add up to more pounds than your car was designed to carry. Of course, blankets, pillows, and strollers won’t be a problem!

Thanks! Good points, and hopefully we won’t have to put Elmo on a diet :slight_smile:

Sure, as long as you remove the roof rack after you return from the vacation.

And, yes, I have packed for a vacation with two young children. At the time I was driving a VW Bus, and interior space was not an issue.

One other thing, a roof box will greatly increase the effect of side winds on the Prius.

I grew up believing that kids were to be uncomfortable on vacations with things packed around them in the back seat. I remember as a kid heading up to northern Minnesota on a fishing trip. The tomatoes were ripe at home, so my brother and I shared the rear seat with an orange crate full of tomatoes as as well as other “necessities”. When we got to the cabin, my dad gave the tomatoes to the people we from whom we rented the cottage. I thought this was great–we would have more room in the back seat. Not so–these people filled our orange crate with blueberries that they had just picked. As I remember, some fishing gear also made it to the back seat because we had fish we caught in an ice chest that we had to purchase to get the fish home.

It seems to me that no matter what size vehicle you have, when you travel, you will always fill every cubic centimeter of space. Kids don’t need space–let them be crammed in. It builds character.

I was able to adapt my old Thule rack to my Prius using standard parts we got at REI. I think it was a Q-tower I had to buy. BTW it costs us 2-3 MPG at highway speeds to put a Rocket Box on the Prius.

Only 2-3 MPG hit is fantastic!

Recently 4 adult men were faced with choice of vehicle for a 1000 mile trip. We all fit in my Prius, had enough room for clothes but no room for toys. If we had a small trailer such as those often pulled by Goldwings we might have taken the Prius. In stead we took my 2008 Ford F-250 Powerstroke. Got 65 SMPG (Seat Miles Per Gallon) and had enough room to throw a couple of bicycles in back.