2 tier roof rack?


Has anyone seen or used a 2 tier roof rack? I’m thinking it would be a space saver to put the spare tire on the bottom, then a shelf above for other roof items to transport. Then the spare tire area can be hidden storage (SUV or HB). Does this exist?


Your gas mileage will suffer if you put anything on the roof. That might be OK for occasional use, but not everyday use. And if your spare is on the roof, it kinda implies that there is something else in the spare tire storage. I suggest that you consider plastic bins with tops. Anyone can see it, but there is no telling if anything is in there. It seems a lot less expensive than a two-tier roof rack.


I agree, the roof’s a bad place for weight, both for mpgs and for handling. Temporary use is OK, but I wouldn’t put anything up there permanently.


Make this a third vote for a 2-tier roof rack being a bad idea.

Between the great increase in wind resistance (major negative effect on gas mileage) and raising the center of gravity of the vehicle (poor handling, more prone to rollover) this is really not something that you should pursue.


If you really need the space I would simply remove the spare from vehicle and store at home. Chances of a flat are real low. If you have a road assistance plan(eg AAA or thru insurance) you can simply get towed to repair or replace a flat.


If it’s a full-size spare, then in addition to the issues already noted, I think it would be tough to get the spare tire down when needed without scratching up your paint job or even throwing out your back. It’s pretty heavy.


Thanks to everyone who wrote back. I appreciate the feedback. Not a good idea, was it.

My original question came out of my thinking about which car to buy soon. I’ll let this roof rack thing drop and ask for help on deciding on car shopping elsewhere.