Toyota Prius burned out headlight bulb

To replace this at a local dealer will cost over $650–$350 for the bulb, the rest for labor and tax. I’m in shock. Does it take a rocket scientist to change the bulb? And can it be purchased for less than $350? Any suggestions for a DIYer appreciated.

Hmm, well if you have a standard Halogen I believe the bulb is a 9003 on that car and it runs about $10. However, if you have HID lights on that car then the bulbs can run over $300. High Intensity Discharge lights seem great until you have to replace one. If you have HID’s you’re out of luck unless you can find one in a salvage yard or for sale on EBay.

I believe the Prius uses High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights. These lights do not use a bulb, they have an electrical arc between two discharge points.

They are very expensive to repair/replace, and as far as I know the dealer is the only place to get them fixed, at least for now.

I’m sure you could purchase the parts and DIY, which would save you the labor charge. The light components may be VERY difficult to access, however.

This is not like changing an old-fashioned headlight bulb.

Guess that’s why the labor estimate came to around $200. Thanks for your very helpful explanation.

I so miss the days of sealed beam headlamps. I have a busted headlight assembly right now and it will cost me at least $60 to replace it. I may do both sides since the other is getting cloudy and I can get a discount if I replace the pair. If it were a sealed beam it would probably cost, what, $8? I could get a replacement at Kmart too.

There are places that sell them for under $100, and do it yourself repair is possible. I don’t remember where the supplier is. There is a link to this exact issue, telling you where to buy and how to do the job in the forums at