Prius headlamp replacement

Going on Autozone’s website, Prius HID headlamp is $176. Under that they have others, from $15 and up, but the local Autozone store couldn’t tell me if they would work. Anyone know and have a brand and part number for a reasonable cost replacement?

What year Prius? Need HID? Regular headlamp assemblies are $70-$80 at Rock Auto.,carcode,1443574,parttype,10762

Go to and search under “prius headlight bulb” in the automotive section. They have an excellent selection, good prices, and free shipping for orders over $25. In addition, you’ll be able to read buyer’s reviews of various bulbs and avoid the bad ones.

The “parts finder” feature will allow you to enter your year/make/model to verify that the bulbs you find will fit.

Thank you for your replies, will check out those sources.
Andrew Peck
Woodstock, New York

If your Prius has actual HIDs, you’ll need the expensive set. The other bulbs are likely HID simulated(normal halogen light painted blue) or regular halogen.

Well, after searching, I found the best deal on Amazon, $55. for a pair, free shipping - now that’s not too much more than the halogen. I am much relieved. But - how do I know if it’s something other than the bulb? - the ECU or ballast or whatever? I am assuming likely the bulb, as it always comes on for a minute before going dark.

Actually, on the Prius it often is the ballast (I think Toyota may call it the ECU) that fails.

OK, Well, is there a simple test to determine if it’s the ballast or the bulb?

Unfortunately, no. I would swap the left and right bulbs. If the problem follows the bulb, then it is the bulb. If not, then it is the ballast.

This is worth a read, before you shell out any money:

and PriusChat is your friend :slight_smile: