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Toyota Previa le/sc

Just bought a used '96, and have not experienced these vans before, so am wondering if anyone has general or specific

tips regarding the background of this particular year. The engine is great but, the rest of the van has a lot of minor issues. AC is a little confusing when it won’t let me shut it off. Any passed on knowledge would be appreciated as the garage that I took it to said it is in “very good shape”.

I suggest you read the owner’s manual from cover to cover and familiarize yourself with your “new” vehicle.

If you don’t have an owner’s manual you can get one from Toyota, eBay, or

Got the manual and have read 25-30 pages of it, and clearly will be reading all of it soon. Have also tried finding answers in said manual to questions I already have, such as the AC not turning off when defrost is on(after I have depressed the AC button), as well the reason for the lower than average gas mileage (oxygen sensors may be related, I understand).
Thanks for the tip, but am looking more for feedback from people who actually own the '96 le/sc, and can share an insight or 2.