Bought a 03 Toyota Sienna 53k

Ok. Pulled the trigger. Now I need to know what to inspect/replace to get the buggy up to snuff.
Here’s what I’m thinking:
Check brake pads/rotors
Brake fluid
Coolant fill or replace
Oil check (replace if dark)
Check/replace transmission fluid
Top up power steering fluid
Wheel alignment

What else? I want to make sure it’s in top shape for the Missus.


Vacuum it out. Wash it.
Just going by what my missus cares about…


Timing belt . . . you’re overdue by time

Spark plugs . . . they’ve been in there 10 years. Replace them now, before they seize

Think about replacing the thermostat. It’s probably gotten sluggish over the years.

Make sure the tires aren’t too old, even if they have plenty of tread.

Oil should get changed once a year, even if it still looks good.

Replace the battery if it’s more than 5 years old. If it’s younger, you should still get it tested.

Going with Mobil 1. I’ll have them do plegs and timing belt. Better safe than sorry. Thanks.


Check and adjust the valve lash. Plan on leaving the car overnight for this, because the shop most likely won’t have all the shims your engine will need.

Didn’t know valve lash (shims needed) was still an issue. It’s on the list.

I think that the transmission fluid also lubricates the differential and both should be drained/filled together. Is that right?
Also, what about CV joints/boots?