Toyota Previa heater



My 1933 Toyota Previa has been sending hot air to the passengers side for 13 years. Numerous mechanics could not fix it. Now with decreased air conditioning it makes summer driving unpleasant. Please help.


Wow. A 1933 Previa. You have a very rare car indeed.

Wish I could offer real help, but I don’t know how they have that ductwork set up. I’m inclined to suggest a bad blend door.


I’m assuming you have a 1993 Previa, not a 1933.

If you really want this fixed I suggest you take it to a shop that specializes in automotive HVAC systems. These folks are the experts at all things associated with the AC and the heat system, and they can probably correct the heat problem and make the AC work as it should.

Be prepared, however, there can be a lot of labor involved in accessing the components of these systems, and the cost can be high.