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92 Previa, ventilation won't blow COOL air

I have a 1992 Toyota Previa Altrac that I LOVE. But it has some foibles.

With the A/C on, I get some cold-ish air blowing out, but it’s not dramatic, nor does it feel like a real (i.e. healthy) AC.

With the AC off, the neutral “cold” air setting is far warmer than the outside ambient air temp. This is getting fairly frustrating… my passenger even commented last weekend that it was cooler outside than in.

Any tips from the crowd? I’ve pulled the radio etc. out and looked at the ventilation guts, but that’s it.

Same thing with my 93 Suzuki…kinda wondering about a freon leak. Then again, my house lately feels the same with central A/C…and it’s wicked-hot out there this week in the Midwest!

There are doors, or flaps, that direct airflow within the HVAC system in your Previa. They may be controlled by vacuum or they may be electrically controlled (I’m guessing vacuum based on the age of your van). There may be a problem within the system, especially if you’re getting hot air when you expect cool, outside, air.

It’s also possible that your AC system has leaked refrigerant over the years, and needs to be recharged. I suggest you take your Previa to an automotive AC shop.