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No heating

I have a Toyota Camry Wagon 1989, four cylinders with about 200K miles. The heating system does not work and I am freezing! Can someone suggest why warm air does not get in the car? Is there a fuse, or cable, or part to check? Please advise how to repair it.

First make sure the engine is reaching its normal operating temperature. A fault thermostat can prevent the engine from warming up, and when this happens you won’t get much heat.

Next make sure coolant is circulating through the heater core. You can do this be feeling the hoses going to and from the core. They should both be hot. There may be a valve that is stuck shut, preventing coolant from flowing through the core.

Next you have to have functional heater controls. If the temperature blend door in the HVAC system is not moving it won’t allow air to pass through the heater core.

Is your heater fan working?