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My 1994 toyota pick up

I have a 1994 toyota pickup 4 cyl. 211,00 miles on it. It runs good untill 4 days ago it still runs good while I am moving along but when I come to a stop sign it dies. So I went out today and got plugs,wires,cap and rotor and it still runs good but does not want to idle. I don’t know what to do. Could it be the fuel filter? I wnat to try and fix it if I can so I hope you can help. I got a manual on my truck also.

Have you cleaned the throttle body with emphasis on the Idle Air Control valve?

If it was the filter your problem would be just the opposite. Idle fine, no power. I would look at bad idle motor or maybe excessive vac leak. Is it blowing black smoke? Have you had it checked for codes? Those codes if any and I mean the codes, not the definition could help us help you.

The EGR valve stuck open will destroy the idle…A longshot but it just takes a minute to check it…

You could throw regular maintenance parts at it, a fuel filter and air filter are good options, but I traded my 93 in because of mystery bad, I felt like if I did not buy new when I got to the dealer I would not make it home. I traded my problem away, had done all maintenance, but did not feel like chasing demons.

Unplug and cap the line to the brake booster. If the idle smooths out, the brake booster is the source of your vacuum leak.

no is it easy and can I do it myself. Thanks for the help

??? how do I do that?. I’ll try anything

Thanks for all your help. I work for the county and went to ask the guys at the shop for help and he adjusted the idle air control valve and adjusted the idle slightly and it runs purrrrrrrrfect. Thanks again