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Toyota Pickup Failure to Start after running 15min+ & turned off 5min+

We have a '91 Toyota Pickup SR-5. About a yr ago it began failing to start in hot weather if run for 10 minutes or more & turned off longer than 5 min.

After waiting 30 min - 60 min, the vehicle usually starts. In winter (Dallas area), this did not happen. When failing to start, it sounds like it will “turn over”, but doesn’t.

Some have suggested an overheated or faulty computer component or chip. Can you please help?


A quick clarification of terminology is necessary: Does the truck “turn over” as in the engine rotates, but doesn’t start? Or does it just go “clunk” or “click” and not actually rotate?

Yes the sound of “turning over” is the engine I suppose rotating. The sound is not a click or clunk. Thanks.

If your vehicle has a distributor, the pickup coil (also called signal generator) inside may be failing. This happened on my 1979 Toyota truck, with symptoms just like yours.