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Hot and not turning over

When my 1991 Toyota p/u w/3.0 V-6 is fairly hot the starter will not turn over. Just a click. Starter and battery are excellent otherwise. I allow cooling 45-90 minutes then it starts right up.

Any suggestions what to do?

How old is the battery and what’s the battery output? If the battery checks out OK the starting motor probably needs to be replaced.

Thank you but this problem has persisted after several new batteries and starter replacements. Seems to be an intermittent circuit problem??

My guess is the solenoid or starter being heat soaked.

My guess is that the starter relay has become heat sensitive. It’ll be found in the relay box under the hood, probably on the top of the passenger’s wheelwell.

I have thought of that. Wonder if it would be slow turning as it cooled or heated? Works all or nothing.

Thanks. I will consider that. Other suggestions have been the voltage regulator, the starter or a sensor all heated related.

I agree with the starter. For some reason I was thinking you’d already changed the starter, but I must have been thinking of some other post.

Yes, I have changed out the starter several times. Seems to be circuitry issue or the starter absorbs heat. Starter heat would be a design issue it seems to me. So do components become heat sensitive over time?
3 unknowns are voltage regulator and starter relay and maybe a sensor? Appreciate all the feedback.
Probably should have a specialist look at…