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Hot car will not start

I have a toyota 1991 V6 SR5 pickup… When the weather is warm… and I drive around… stop the car maybe 2x… then I go to start it again … nothing… lights work… and there is a click… but the engine will not turn. This only happens it the hot weather. I can pop the clutch… and it fine. I replaced the starter a few years back and the problem was solved for a few months. This has been happening for a few years now… but I cant go through another summer push starting! Any suggestions?

The vehicle has a neutral safety switch on the clutch. If it malfunctions the starter will not turn over. I would also suggest cleaning both battery cables and the battery termnals.

Just cleaned the terminals…thanks for the tip about the safety switch. Is it easy to switch out?

if the starter click it can’t be the nuetral safty swithch becuse that is on the contol part of the circut, not the high amp circut. you need to voltage drop test the high amp circut and see if you have a major volt drop. you will need to do this after the car has been driven around and hot.