Toyota P/U Transmission

I have a 1995 Toyota T 100 with 300,000.

that’s right! 300,000. I took it to have the transmission serviced and the guy said he wouldn’t touch it because it was so worn and used. He was afraid just flushing the transmission would start more problems than I was already having which basically was none. The transmission got hot while pulling a large boat, so I wanted it change. He said cluch was at 42%. I’m not a machanic. He told me it was on it’s last leg anyway, but for $1700 it might run forever. help please! Is it worth $1700 with 300,000 miles? And how can changing the fluid cause more problems?

very confusing…you mention transmission service, yet talk of a clutch, you mention a transmission flush, is it an auto trans? rarely flush but changing oil doesn’t usually cause the same problems as a flush. What was on its last leg? maybe you are pulling too much weight? is the transmission slipping or do you just want it changed?

He is right about the flush.Trans has gunk in it and with that many miles a flush will break some of it loose without getting ride of all of it and when you start driving it the loose gunk with mess trans up.
How did he come up with 42%???
If you have changed fluid like it should be in the past change it now but NO flush.If you have never changed it LEAVE it alone.

Is this a manual shift or automatic transmission? There is no flushing required for a manual transmission. And a flushing is not recommended for most automatics unless there is a problem. A simple fluid change will do the job, which ever transmission. Also, with a manual transmission, the clutch will begin to slip when worn out. If you have no slipping or chattering, save the money for now. If this guy will not do a fluid change, take it to someone who will.