a buddy of mine has a 1995 toyota pickup auto tranny with 257,000 miles. transmission fluid has never been changed. he is scared to change it now. he says if he changes it, tranny will most likely go out. is that possible?

is he original owner? he drives 1200 miles each month so it is not huge miles. dont know how he services pickup. must be doing something right to last 257k miles. why does he or you feel it is time to service trans? did he just recall that owners manual says you should do it occasionally?


A flush, which I am TOTALLY against, might very well cause havoc

A pan drop, fluid and filter change, should do no harm

Why has your buddy never changed the atf?

I agree not to do a flush. I’d do a pan drop myself and be ready for a new trans either way.

OP gives no indication that there IS problem.


Are you suggesting to leave that 257K atf in there?

Change fluid. I always lean towards fresh trans fluid. It wil not fix a broken part but it will remove grit or debris which is suspended in old fluid