Toyota noise

My 2005 Toyota Prius with 188,000 miles has a whinning sound when I start and when I turn off the engine. It happens 95% of the time. The dealer says it could be a water pump. What’s your opinion?

It should be easy to pinpoint. I doubt the water pump. I would suspect a belt, fan or power steering pump.

My Opinion Is That The Dealer’s Opinion And Toyota Motor Sales’s Opinion Could Be Correct.

Did the dealer show you the 3 page Toyota TSB (Technical Service Bulletin), written to help their technicians diagnose a “squeak” type noise during vehicle startup or shutdown in 2004 - 2008 Prius vehicles during cold ambient weather conditions ?

The Coolant Heat Storage Water Pump could be the culprit.

After checking the VIN (vehicle identification number) against Toyota’s information, the fix could be replacing the pump assembly with motor and bracket with what I believe is a “revised” part (the part number has changed).

Toyota covers the replacement for cars under the 60,000 mile / 60 month warranty period.


I Found A Link To The Actual Toyota Technicians’ TSB That I Referenced Above.


I sure was not even close on this one. Heat Storage Water Pump? **** new fangled cars!

Well you didn’t have a whole lot to work with.

Hah wow, that’s a new one on me. I’m definitely not hybrid-savvy.