Toyota is once again #1 in worldwide sales

Toyota beats Volkswagen to become world’s No.1 car seller in 2020 (

I can hear the Toyota execs now:

“we lost fewer sales than you did! Nyah Nyah!”

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”



10 million cars. Heck of a lot more then Tesla. Whose stock is higher?
stock as in resources, dealer network, engineering, ease of service, parts,
not the phantom “value-worth” of company.
tesla is a clown show. oh, its the future. not my future.

Stock price has absolutely NOTHING to do with number of items sold.


Production volume implies a lot about the assets of the company. Other aspects, like the number of stocks on the market, expectations for future earnings, and loans outstanding are very important too, and I suspect that is what you are thinking of. In the case of Toyota, there is a minimum value to the stock tied to the net asset value. That’s why when Sears was sold to its current owner, he got a bargain. The net asset value was higher than what he paid. He could, and is, sell Sears assets and make money on the purchase.

The market capitalization of Tesla is 3X that of Toyota.

One company I worked for was trying to go public so they lowered the price of their products to increase sales and bring in prospective buyers. It did bring in buyers to look, but once they saw the books they passed. The price was so low the increase sales didn’t even cover the product costs. Less then a year later they went bankrupt.

I guess the future for finding your rental car in the parking lot is not good. It’s that tan Toyota. There are about 200 tan Toyotas. Shoulda tied a ribbon on the antenna. Oh wait no antenna.

Our governor is now battling the Legislator over forcing car dealers to stock electric cars. The dealers say customers here don’t want them so they don’t want cars sitting in their lots costing interest and hard to move without deep discounts. So I dunno about manufacturers scrambling to meet demand outside of California.

There’s no excuse for bad management. At least you landed well.

Software engineering in the Boston area is not too difficult to land well. Even now with Covid the SW jobs to engineers looking is 3:1. This time last year it was 12:1. And now I heard that Amazon is going to hire 3000 engineers in the Boston area. This field has been booming for the last 40+ years.

Back to cars. No offense but I remember renting a Toyota something once. They may be highly reliable and everything else but it was one of the most boring cars I’ve ever been in. Total milk toast. Rivaled only by the Chevy Impala. Kinda like your Grandmother’s living room. Functional but boring.

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You can say that about almost any manufacturer. Many make boring vehicles…but not every vehicle in their lineup is boring.

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