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Toyota Gas Pedal Problem

Have 2004 Avalon and wonder why Toyota Avalon models earlier than 2005 are not affected by recall? Different gas pedal supplier at that time? Different gas pedal design?

As far as I understand, it’s a different design. The Avalon model was redesigned between '04 and '05, so the pedal design must have changed with it.

Perhaps those prior to 2005 are not throttle by wire?

They say they have a fix and the new parts are being sent out, factories first…

But what they are NOT saying is EXACTLY what was wrong…Was it the Gas Pedal itself, or was it the electronics the gas pedal is connected to…In the affected cars, there is no direct link between the Gas Pedal and the Throttle. The Throttle is positioned by an electronically controlled servo motor…I guess it will take a few days before we will know the exact parts they are replacing…