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Toyota drawal from markets

how cani know if my corolla 2010 is included with the car drawal from markets?

Normally you will get a message from Toyota. Maybe certified mail. You can try contacting the dealer, they may have a list.

I heard that the flaw lies in the throttle … Can I request the pedal from Toyota and replace it myself? Note that he does not have a proxy in my Toyota and how can i replace it ?

“Can I request the pedal from Toyota and replace it myself?”


Step #1–Determine if your car is one of the ones affected by the recall (or drawal???) by contacting a Toyota dealer’s service department and giving them your VIN.

Step #2–If your car is one with potentially defective accelerator parts, make an appointment for installation of the part by the Toyota dealership. They will not hand you the parts and trust you to install them correctly. This is for a multitude of reasons.

My understanding…is that All new cars sold since the problem was found…the pedals were replaced BEFORE they were sold.