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Corolla pedal

hi, i have corolla 2010 US , my question is : can i replace the gas pedal made by CTS with another one made by Denso ? is the two companies are working the same specifications? thanks in advanced

Ask the dealer. I believe that is going to be the only source for these parts right now anyways. This car is brand new and still under warranty. If the recall work was done, you shouldn’t have any worries.

As you were replied to in your other post, your car is NEW. Your car was sold AFTER the issue of accelerator pedal issues was discovered, dealt with and fixed. Your car is NOT subject to the accelerator problems.

You bought it knowing that there was a previous issue, and if you weren’t happy you should not have bought a Toyota! But back to the pedal. Have you called Toyota? Have you asked them if your particular model, make, year car is even subject to the pedal issues? There is NO reason to just replace a pedal because some other year autos had a problem. By the way did you read that there is a serious problem that these ‘accelerator’ issues are probably NOT a result of the toyota car, but are a result of operator error!? So you may be trying to ‘fix’ a problem that does not exist./

I agree with what the others have said.

Your dealer could probably tell you. If in researching the part they’ll either see one part number or a “specification control” drawing with two optional approved part numbers.

But it may still be risky to assume that a replacement from Denso would be a direct replacement. It is possible that there exists some difference that manufacturing does in installing the Denso pedal or synching it up with the ECU. The output signal may not be exactly the same.

You did raise an interesting question, however.