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Toyota Customer Satisfaction Survey


We hope you are having a nice day, and we are so sorry to bother you, but would you mind STOPPING for a moment to help us with our brief survey?

Our records show that you recently STOPPED by your Toyota Dealer Service Department.

1. Was this the first time you STOPPED by your Toyota dealer for service ?

2. Do you STOP by often ?

3. What was your reason for STOPPING by ?

4. Based on your experience with our service department, would you STOP by again ?

5. Would you recommend that your friends STOP by ?

6. Did the service representative immediately STOP what he/she was doing to assist you ?

7. Did you STOP in our customer lounge while your car was being serviced ?

8. If you had a problem with your car, did the repair work STOP the problem you were having ?

9. Is there part of the service experience that you wish we would STOP doing ?

10. Is there anything we can do to make your next STOP at Toyota more pleasant ?

Thank you for STOPPING what you were doing to help us with our survey. We look forward to having you STOP by your Toyota dealer again at our convenient location just after the second STOP light in Middletown.