Toyota Corollas with Cruise Control

I’m looking for a used Toyota Corolla 2005, 2006 or 2007. It makes no difference to me whether it’s a manual or automatic since I can drive both. However I am rather attached to having cruise control.

I called a nearby dealer about one of their pre-owned vehicles and was told that most manual Toyota Corollas do not come equipped with cruise control. Is this true?

I’m a bit leary to believe this since buying an automatic is significantly more $$$ than getting a manual.

Thanks for your help!

Not true. I did a web search and found several with manual and CC. It may be that Corollas with manual transmissions were rarely ordered by dealers with CC, and that would limit your selection.

Or, the dealer doesn’t have any and he’s perfectly happy to lie to you so that he can sell you a car of his choosing.

I hear you…I can’t survive w/o cruise either.
Factory cruises are fairly simple addons, I’m surprised the Toyota dealers don’t want our money. I had an earlier Prism/Corolla and was told that same story…factory installed but no dealer installed for manuals; just autos. No problem with our Hondas/Subarus dealer cc addons though. What gives ?

Appreciate your responses! After looking around some more online, I found two 2006 Corollas and one 2007 Corolla that have cruise control at other dealers within 30 minutes of where I live. I’m betting that you’re right and the particular dealer I got on the phone just didn’t have used cars with this feature.

My 2007 Corolla has cruise, but it is part of the “C” package, which has power windows, power door locks and a few other odds and ends. The C package is available on all base CE Corollas. If you order the LE model, all this stuff is standard, including 4 wheel disk brakes.

Nearly all Corollas sold are automatic; the stick shift customers seem to want a bare bones car, and usually forego the C package.

Hi there, I have a 2007 Corolla S with a manual transmission and cruise control so they are available. The other poster is right that it is included with a package that includes power windows, locks, etc. I didn’t want all the extras but the only manual I could find with side air bags had these upgrades. I found my via Cars Direct. I was able to search for the car I wanted and they looked within a certain radius of where I live. Worked well for me. Best of luck in your search. I’m on my second Corolla and just love it. I would still have my other one (a 1998 CE model) except that it was totalled while it was parked. It was 9 years old and still going strong when it was totalled.

that’s one reason I refuse to buy Toyota. If I have to have a sunroof just to get cruise control and an auto transmission, I’ll shop some other company