Old Puzzler...Corolla Manual Trans.?

Okay, this is driving me nuts!

About a year or year and a half ago, there was a puzzler about (forgive me if I don’t remember all details!) a guy looking for a new corolla. He told the dealer that it has to be a manual transmission.

From what I remember, they actually walked through the lot looking in windows…all automatics. But from two rows away, the guy says to the dealer, “Over there! There’s a manual corolla!” The dealer walked over there first, looked in the window and sure enough, it was a manual!! The dealer was astonished!

Now. How did he know from a distance?

My first thought was the exhaust exit, thinking that it differed from auto. But, they did specify that he saw the car from the front. I called my brother and he agreed with my assumption.

I think he saw that there was not Automatic transmission cooling lines in front of radiator.

I missed the show the next week.

Please let me know what the answer was OR if you can dig through the old puzzler archives.

Thanks so much!

Copy-and-paste this link for the answer:


(I couldn’t get it to show as a clickable link.)

MAN! What a gyp! WINDOW STICKER?! Where’s the mystery in that? LOL! Am I even close with the coolant lines theory? Guess I was thinking too mechanically!


Tom and Jerry do try to entertain!