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Toyota Corolla le 2018 problems

Ok here it goes I just bought a 2018 Corolla Le almost two weeks ago and it’s making a whirring/whooshing sound almost 90% of the time when I slow down or press on the brake.

Also driving the other day I heard a horrible clanking type sound when I pressed on the break. Weather has been good roads dry, easy terrain and driving conditions.

I bring it back to the Toyota dealer I bought it at and they say it’s the abs pump system that’s doing it and that it’s a new car and give it time etc.

I need advice is this normal, will it go away eventually? Then they said it happens when it’s in eco mode and I said it’s been happening regardless of eco mode and to that they didn’t really have an answer for me.

I’m going to call my trusty mechanic. But I feel something is wrong. :frowning: I feel so bummed this whole ordeal

If you think the brakes aren’t working properly right now, you need to take it back; too big a risk to get the brush off.
Is it normal? Doubtful, but I can’t say for sure. If it wasn’t doing it on the test drive, why would it do it now? If you know someone with a similar vehicle, ask them or take them for a ride in yours - do they hear the same thing? If not, there’s likely something going on.
Your trusty mechanic should be a big help in assessing this as well.
A couple of helpful (I hope) tips:
Keep any documentation provided and take notes of any interactions you have with them. I have a notebook that I use. Take notes in front of whomever you are speaking. It helps to deter the “he-said/she-said” or “he-said/he-said” arguments.
You are not obligated to go to the same dealer if they do not address your problem.
Do not be afraid to ask to speak to the service manager. Read over the warranty section in case you have to go up the line.
Keep in mind that this is a business transaction. Getting emotional will most likely not help you much.
Good luck!


Yes I went to manager and I did get a little emotional. no that’s the problem I didn’t do test drive I know I know. :frowning:
I made sure to get a receipt that says what they think it is and etc

Also I demanded to drive a similar car with same brake system but they ended up giving me a car that didn’t have that same braking system.

I’m going to write another email to manager and go to another Toyota dealer and to my own mechanic.

It’s like a whir type of noise from brake system they’re saying. I don’t know I’m so over the car already I don’t even want it and it’s not what I really wanted in first place

Take it back…the noise should not be there everytime you brake. I own a 2013 Corolla and the abs system is very quiet unless I do a panic stop. Go to a different dealer and ask them to test drive the same vehicule.

Oh goodness ok I’ll take it back again but I don’t think nothing will happen they’re going to say it’s the brake system and I spoke with my mechanic had for years decades actually and he said he’s heard this complaint with the new 17/18 models. So I just feel screwed I’m going to write another email to sales manager

Your paperwork came with a protocol and contact information to move the problem “up the ladder”. Try that approach.

Meanwhile, document absolutely everything, and when you bring it in make sure they issue a shop order to check it out and that you get your copy of the shop order. And take your own notes to supplement it. Names, dates, what they said, etc.


Ok I’ll look I spoke with manager of dealership already I don’t know who else there is. I wrote Toyota corporation already.

Yeah I have my receipts and everything. I just don’t know what can be done because they said this is the sound, my mechanic said he’s heard these complaints. I don’t know I doubt they’ll give me a new car. I can write to attorney general ugh I’m just exhausted already and have been writing emails and etc and going in person so much

how is your car so special that no other new cars on the lot have different braking systems? i am not well versed in 2018 toyota brake systems? do they not have a vacuum assist brake boost scheme now?

Cavell, I also would like to know how the brake systems were different. I can see a sport model having larger rotors but that is all.

Exactly you see the stupidity. :unamused:

But my trusty mechanic said for 17/18 that they did add some new vacuum pressurized braking system thing and that some folks have complained about this sound that I’m hearing

And then the other day driving was the clanking sound I’m just exhausted with this stupid car I should have gotten what I wanted which was the Camry or my Nissan Altima lol

I have had some complaints from customers about the sound from the vacuum pump but never saw a new car the was so noisy that it was intolerable.

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No mine is loud at times like my dad heard it as I was driving up to house and it’s very frequent occurs at least 95% of the time.

So you have experience with it, is this normal? Am i to be concerned? What about that very unsettling clanking sound I heard almost sound like the damn pump or break wasn’t going to break, for lack of better word.

There is a service bulletin that applies to certain Lexus models with a noisy vacuum pump but nothing at this time for the 2018 Corolla. From my observations with noisy pumps they have been very intermittent.

If the vacuum pump fails brake pedal effort may increase.

I’ve got a feeling this recall will spread to your model:


You wrote Toyota - what was their response? I don’t know how Toyota works, but I filed a complaint with the corporate folks of another car manufacturer and got a case number and I know they got in touch with the local dealer. At least I didn’t have to rely on only the dealer’s assessment.

Thank you so much guys for all
Your help I wrote Toyota they wrote back today for me to call but I was at work super busy had no time to
Call. But I will tomorrow and this way yeah they can deal with the dealer instead of me going and writing and turning emotional and crazy.

And yeah look at that see some models were recalled for same thing I know I’m not going crazy

Your idea to test drive another similarly equipped vehicle is a good one. Try that again, since the first time they apparently provided the wrong vehicle. Another thing that could cause these symptoms, improper installation of one of the wheels. Can put a slight warp in the rotors. Before delving too deeply into this, suggest to ask them to remove and re-install all the wheels, this time using hand tools, torqueing the lug nuts in proper sequence in rounds of three to the spec. You could also ask them if measuring the rotor run-out at the same time is worthwhile. I know someone who recently purchased a 2018 Corolla, I think it is the LE version but not 100% sure. In any event they haven’t noticed anything like you describe.

Yes I’m going to make another attempt to test drive a similar vehicle but not at that dealer I’m too well known and probably not well liked and honestly it’s causing me way too much anxiety and to have to do it alone ugh I can’t

I’ll go to the other nearby locations and see.
And while your suggestions sound genuine I doubt I’ll find a dealer willing to do all that these folks didn’t even want to look at my car the same day I cane in. I mean it’s utterly ridiculous.

I just feel so down you know a car I really don’t like giving me stress already. I know one thing for sure I’m never going back to Toyota Corolla.

Suggest to put things in perspective. You have a brand new car, a model that is rated very high for reliability, and it comes with a new car warranty. It seems you’ve gotten off on the wrong foot w/the dealership. Maybe the best thing to do at this point is go back apologize for getting a little overly emotional, and schedule a time you can bring the car in for a thorough look-see by their mechanics.

Did the service department inspect the vehicle after you made an appointment?