2009 Toyota Corolla Stalling out

I have a 4 month old 2009 Toyota Corolla with 7000 miles. The last two times I drove the vehicle it stalled out when coming to a quick slow down like when deccellerating to go through the Mass. Turnpike toll booth, and when coming to a quick stop at a fast changing light. The car is so quiet I couldn’t tell it was stalled until I tried to step on the gas and…nothing! The check engine light was on. I quickly put it in park, started it–no problems on the re-start–and off I went. It doesn’t seem to choke and sputter before it stalls, it just simply dies. I just got a call from the dealer, and they can’t find a problem, or a code. Did I mention its a brand new feakin’ car???

You need to educate yourself regarding the Lemon Law in your state. There is supposed to be a copy of the statutes for all 50 states in your glove compartment, but even if it is not there, you can certainly find the details after about 30 seconds of “Googling”. The reason why I suggest educating yourself regarding the Lemon Law is because, in most states, after the specified number of unsuccessful attempts to resolve a mechanical problem (3 attempts is typical, but this varies from state to state), you qualify for a settlement, which could include a comparable replacement vehicle or a buy-back of the present vehicle (again, this varies).

So, keep taking it back to the dealership, keep all documentation of your complaint, and, if necessary, file for settlement under the Lemon Law. Also, since a stalling vehicle is inherently dangerous, I strongly suggest that you also notify The National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA), via their website. Once a particular defect is statistically significant, they can mandate a recall of the vehicles in question in order to provide a free repair to owners–even after warranty expiration.

I did check the Lemon laws for NYS, where I live and purchased the vehicle, after getting the call from the dealer saying they had no ideas about what the actual problem is. They have 4 attempts in this state before the Lemon Law can be employed…We are one down. And thanks to your suggestion, I did file a complaint with the NHTSA, so they now have a complete record of it, too. The 2009 Corollas are a new design, but I do not know if the engine and electronic systems are a new generation or not.
Thanks for your help, Monique

I have a similar problem with my 1997 Corolla. The origional message is posted below:
Engine shuts off at high way ramp and toll
I have a Toyota Corolla 1997. Mileage is 55K and the car runs like new until recently a specific problem keeps happening. When I slowed down for the toll or get off the highway, the car engine shuts off all of sudden. It does not happen every time, but has happened 4 times within a month. I would be able to turn the car back on only if I push the gas paddle gently. Without the pumping some gas, the car would not start. This problem only happened when I slowed down from the highway. Driving within the city is not a problem at all, even when I stop at lights for any period of time. I have never have problems starting the car, either.

I do not know if it has something to do with the PCV valve. My mechanic changed recently, the new one is not Toyota brand. The problem started after the change.

Any clue would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by: eyigit
Please post if you learn the problem. Thanks.