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Toyota Corolla 1992 ticks, shakes, whines, ball joint?

My husband has decided to fix the car alone and he doesn’t really know if he’s fixing the correct thing. Anyway, any typical problems with this car? Sounds are from the front right wheel - like it’s about to run away.

suspect the CV joint, too - check the boot for damage

If you can possibly afford it, take it to a garage if hubby isn’t sure. Tell him your safety is worth it. The car is too old and you’re too important to do otherwise.

With an 18 year old car, any problem, including the transmission falling out are not out of the question. I’d check the wheel bearings, rotate the tires to hear if the sound follows, and check the CV joints. The CV shaft should be able to pull in and out a bit, but not up and down. Any up-down movement means the joint is shot.

Thanks so much. Hubby successfully replaced the ball joint. We also be doing the tires and rear breaks. Been a while since we don’t have work now. Since we didn’t check the CV joints, what should I listen or look for at this point to notice a problem? As is, feels and sounds much better. Whew.