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Which antifreeze/coolant to use

My 2007 Toyota RAV4 (Sport V6) recommends toyota super long life coolant (which according to the Haynes manual is pink). Can I use a universal coolant (like Prestone’s), or do I need to find super long life coolant?

I’m replacing the water pump, so I need to drain some of the cooling system, and I want to know if I can make do with what I can find or if I need to try to find special fluid.

Most repair shops use one of the universal/global coolants.

The reason is, they can be used in any vehicle, and the shop doesn’t have to stock all the different coolants for different makes of vehicles.

The stuff was actually developed for the military for this very reason.


So would it be safe to combine a universal coolant with what is in there already, or would i need to drain the system completely?

You’ll get a variety of opinions. I would stay with the Toyota fluid, just because it’s such an infrequent expense. If you want to use Prestone, I’d drain all the old fluid I could, then fill it with water and drain that. I’d avoid mixing types, ‘universal’ or not.

You can combine them.

Both are Hybrid Organic Acid Technology coolants.


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There are some things I won’t compromise on. Coolant and transmission fluid are tops on the list. It just isn’t worth the risk for the very few dollars saved.

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If your Toyota Super Long Life fluid has been in the car since new, it was supposed to last 10 years and its time is up. It is only made in a 50/50 mix and it costs $24 a gallon at my dealer. Even if you buy the same fluid again, Toyota says it should now be changed at 5 years.

I would drain all the old fluid and use a new universal long life fluid which should be good for 5 years and available anywhere.

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FWIW, I’ve always used Prestone yellow in my 25 year old Corolla and never had a problem. Can’t say that experience would apply for a 2007 model though. The coolant touches a lot of internal gaskets , hoses, and sealants, and Toyota may be using different material compositions for those parts in 2007 than when my Corolla was built. The coolant must be compatible with the vehicle’s gasket & hose material.

Are you trying to save some money?

Is there no Toyota dealer reasonably close to your house?