Toyota Consumer advisory, 7 pages and warnings for putting a sticker on hold down. Lawyers involved I guess

So evidently smaller batteries are being installed, shift and cause a short and fire. Provided a new sticker for the hold down with print so small I need a magnifying glass. Provided to prevent the wrong battery size from being installed. Safety instructions to apply a sticker to the hold down bar. Free inspection at Toyota dealer to verify correct battery and installation.

Do not install label with the engine running. Duh. Problem is this needs to be in at least three languages including braille.

hmmm? …I’m guessing those are the instructions the Apollo-13 astronaut was following just before “Houston, we have a problem!” … lol … seriously, seems like Toyota would have been better advised to just invite their customers in for some free donuts, coffee, and 5 minutes shop-service.

Goes to show though that even minor work on cars can be dangerous, even something like opening the hood not to be taken lightly.

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