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Missing Battery Tie-Down - How Bad?

I have a disagreement with a buddy and am looking for a second opinion. He’s missing a battery clamp/tie-down and he says it’s no problem. The battery is just sliding around on the tray and it’s next to the spinning fan belt pulley. I think this could lead to disaster at worst and a messy battery failure at best given his “spirited” driving style. What do you think? Is this as bad as I think it is or no big deal?

A battery without a tie-down is subject to vibration and jarring. This can result in the plates in the battery being shaken loose causing a short in the battery. Ask your friend which he thinks is cheaper. A new tie-down or a new battery?


This is a real problem, and real easy to fix. Hit a big bump in a corner and the battery’s where it shouldn’t be. Shorting out, damaging electronics, nothing good.

Back in high school I dated this complete lunatic for a while. She wasn’t a “bad” driver in the sense that she wasn’t good at it. She was a reckless driver b/c I guess she always saw herself on a racetrack.

She also had a terrible beater of an old car. She pulled one of her crazy maneuvers once (I forget exactly what) and we heard a big thump and a terrible grinding.

When we popped the hood, the unsecured battery had indeed jumped its tray and was sitting cock-eyed trying to fall out the bottom of the car - except that, of course, the spinning fan was in the way.

I’m not sure how I lived thru hanging out with her. It didn’t last all that long.

Thanks for the quick replies and the support. LOL Cig. I’m sure you had fun though.