Toyota Celica Convertible 1996

Recently the button which controls the raising or lowering of my convertible stopped working. Is this an expensive electrical problem? How much should I expect to spend to fix it?

How do you know the switch is the problem?

Check the fuse first. Make CERTAIN the fuse you use actually works. Some may look good but are not.

Pull the switch assembly out and check the wiring connections are clean and tight.
If they are, use a volt meter or continuity tester to check for power.

Also check the ground wiring.

If the fuse looks good, replace it with one you KNOW is good (take another from a disassociated system) and try it.

If you find power going to the roof motor (You may hear a buzzing or humming sound from the roof motor) but the motor won’t operate you may need a new motor.

Use a repair manual to follow the electrical circuit and location of the roof top motor.

Haynes has one for about $20.