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1999 slk 230

How do I get the top to go back up?

A MB must have a motorized top, so push the button to put the top down the other way. It is likely a “rocker” type switch. If you can’t figure it out, pay a visit to a MB dealer.

We have been playing with the button and it’s staying lite but nothing is happening

While I don’t know your car specifically, the convertible top is power operated. This means a switch, a relay(s), and an electric motor are all part of the system. Meaning a bad switch, bad relay, bad motor, or a loose connection somewhere in the circuit could all cause your problem. It could just be a loose ground wire.

There should be a way to pull the switch out of the dash and you can test it by jumping the connections. If you hear the motor run, then you have a bad switch. If not that then you have to find and test the relay(s), there might be two one for up and another for down, and lastly the motor.

If these tests are beyond your skills you’ll need a MB dealer. If a dealer isn’t handy a good foreign car mechanic should be able to handle the troubleshooting and repair.

My understanding is that it is the relay. how do i test it myself?