Toyota camry

I was going to purchase a 1995 Camry but I am wondering if they are reliable. This has over 90K miles but no obvious problems. Is it a good commuter car?

If the maintaince was done correctly and on time it will last a good long time. If it is a auto, good commuter-5speed not so good.shifting around town gets old!!!

Whether it (or any other car, for that matter) will be reliable depends to a very great extent on the way that it was maintained. If you have access to this car’s maintenance records, that will tell you a lot about how the previous owner(s) took care of the car.

In the absence of maintenance records, I would not buy a car that is at least 13 years old. Just as an example, depending on the odometer mileage, that car should have had the timing belt replaced at least once, perhaps twice already. Unless you can verify that the timing belt, the belt tensioners, and the water pump have been replaced in the last…90k/6 years…then you should factor the cost of the immediate replacement of those parts into the actual purchase price of the car.

I have record that the timing belt was changed @ 63K. I don’t know about the belt tensioners or water pump or basic maintenence for that matter. I commute 2 hours a day sometimes 6 days a week plus driving the kids to their activities. This purchase will deplete my savings so I want to be certain it is worth it.

How much is the seller asking for the car?

Most likely, the tensioners were replaced at the same time as the belt was replaced. As to the water pump, there is no definite way of knowing, but overall, you need to have this car (or any other potential car purchase) inspected by a mechanic of your choice. Expect to pay some serious $$ for a thorough pre-purchase inspection, but you should consider this to be a good investment.

Assuming it checks out, and has had its oil changed, there is no better choice for this age and mileage car. My '96 ES (same basic car) is running great at 120k.