87 Camry

I’m looking at a 1987 Camry 4cyl. Claimed to have only 69,000 miles on it. Other than the odometer can you guys give me any advice as to what I should be inspecting on this car? Does this model have any issues that should be checked pre purchase?

Same thing as with any other car. No difference. I value a car that old at less than $1,000, but you can pay more if you want to.

Assume that you will have to replace the tires, the timing belt, and the water pump. If the odometer mileage is accurate, the previous owner drove the car less than 3,300 miles per year, which–while very difficult to believe–is possible.

Anyway, unless you can verify through service invoices that the timing belt was replaced within the past 6 years, you have to assume that it is ready to snap. And, when replacing the timing belt, the water pump should be replaced also. As to the tires, they are unlikely to be the originals, but all the same, they are likely to be in poor shape due to rubber’s very nature of deteriorating just from aging.

Definitely agree with VDC that you will need to factor a timing belt into the purchase price if there’s no records of it being done recently. On a old low-mileage car, the rubber components on the body and suspension need to be given extra scrutiny, including the CV boots.

I also agree with pleasedodgevan’s likely appraisal of this car’s value. A car that sits around for long periods of time and doesn’t get driven very much is often more troublesome than one that gets driven and maintained regularly but has higher miles. If it was garaged and the previous owner can show that he did all of the maintenance on the time-schedule (which hardly anybody does) and the body and interior of the car are in especially good shape, you might consider paying a little more for it than you would for an 87 Camry with 169k on it.

Howdy, we have an 86 wqith 170,000 miles on it. Never replaced anything but the odometer and exhaust pipe an battery. Would recommend if yuo reside in a state with emissions that you check to ensure it is not much higher millage( here emissions test verifies milage at each check with vin# they can tell you millage). Ours could pass for 70,000. Used parts are getting a little hard to locate too.