Toyota Camry Won't Turn Over - Potential Starter?

If I were you I would just focus on the SOLENOID…leave the starter alone for now…unless you have more than 200K on the clock…then I would go after the starter brushes.

and to MikeInNH I agree that Delco makes a nice enuf starter…but they pale severely in comparison to Denso. Sorry but thems the facts Jack. I’ve rebuild far too many of both to be argued with on the topic. Denso takes the win. Most Delco Solenoids are not serviceable in any fashion and basically disposable. Unless they have changed in the last few yrs and I doubt they have.

Enjoy your starter refresh and take pride in the fact that you repaired it yourself. If you have never done a starter motors brushes before…you might want to stay away from that for a while…theyre a bitch to retain the brushes back so you can get the stator inserted inside of the spring loaded brushes without a few tricks.