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Its winter and my car doesnt start

I have a Toyota Camry 97 model. It initially had a starting problem during winter mornings. During the day it was just fine. Now, it is not able to start at all. Once i just got it started, and the “take your toyota to service” light was on. Is it a battery problem?

What are the symptoms??? Will it turn over??? Need more info.

It doesn’t turn over…The engine doesnt ignite… And I looked inside now and its slightly frozen around the positive battery terminal.

Frozen or corrosion on the terminal? Remove,clean the terminals and cables and recharge the battery if necessary.Take you car to an auto parts place to scan the trouble code for free as well as check the battery/charging system.You might get off cheap as far as repairs go.
Good luck

How old is the battery? Could be as simple as getting a new one.

It doesn’t turn over…The engine doesnt ignite…

That can mean different things to different people.

A: Does the starter physically rotate the drive shaft?

B: I take it, there is no indication that the engine is igniting or firing?

If no A or B then lets look at battery and then starter.

If A but no B, lets look for spark at the spark plugs and for fuel issues.

Does it do it all the time or just sometimes? How old is the battery, spark plugs and wires?

I guess the battery is good, because the lights and the air conditioner work. There is no indication that the starter is rotating the drive shaft.