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Toyota Camry running rough

I have a 2000 Camry (automatic) that just starting running rough. It has about 149,000 miles on it. The noise sounds like scraping (metal on metal) and then turns to more like a whirring fan sound when the car comes to a stop. Stopped at a light, no sound . . . any thoughts?

You’ll need to provide some more info and sort out some different kinds of things. For example, running rough is normally not associated with any kind of distinct sound - especially not any kind of metal on metal grinding. Then there are few metal to metal grinds that will become whirrs once you are stopped. When exactly do hear this grinding - is it while you are braking? Is the whirring sound new? Have you popped the hood to see if you can identify the source of the sound?

What makes you say that it is running rough? Does it shake a lot when you sit at idle? Accelerate poorly/hesitate? Hard to start? or what?

Finally, what is the maintenance history of the vehicle like? Is all recommended maintenance up to date? Any brake work lately? Any other work lately?

In short, your description doesn’t give anyone much to go on.