2013 Toyota Camry - Squealing under braking, grinding when turning at speed

I have a used 2013 Toyota Camry that I’ve owned for about 5 months with 86k miles, and have noticed that there’s a almost grinding noise (think metal on metal that almost makes a sound of cast iron dragged on asphalt) whenever I turn left into a corner and the body of the car rolls to the right at low-ish speeds (20-30 MPH) and only sometimes at low speed regardless of braking.

The braking used to also produced that noise at low speeds, but after stopping quickly multiple times from 50MPH (On a road without anyone on it!) it’s become a squeaking noise under any amount of brake pressure. I plan on taking the car in, but this just doesn’t seem like a run of the mill brake pads wearing down issue and I’m stumped as to what it might be (or how costly it might be…), any insight would be appreciated.

Could be something is interfering w/the wheel. Take a look underneath in the front tires, wheel-well area, anything hanging down or loose?

If it’s not that, I’m guessing some sort of brake problem or less-likely, CV joint. Suggest to start with a brake inspection.

A differential problem could cause this too so make sure the transmission fluid is at the correct level.

The repair costs for brake and CV joint problems are often reasonable, for transmission problems, not so much.

Sounds like it needs a brake inspection.

There are wire retainers that hold the brake pads away from the rotors.


Those wire retainers rust and fall apart which can allow a brake pad wear indictor rub on a rotor when cornering.


Sounds like a bad wheel bearing, possibly accompanied by brake problems.

Along with the brakes, you may have suspension issues.