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Toyota Camry LE 2009 brake pedal shudder!

Hi folks. I just bought a brand new 2009 Toyota Camry Le. Almost right from the start I felt the shudder/vibration coming from the brake pedal as it travels back up. Not when I press on it, but when I release the pedal. It makes the car vibrate also and passengers can sense it when it is really bad, but usually it is only the driver who definitely feels it. However it does not seem to affect the stopping power. Now it does not happen all the time, but very frequently. It is very pronounced in a stop-and-go situation where I have to apply the brakes in quick succession in short intervals at a low speed. It almost feels like the braking mechanism is struggling to release whatever is grabbing onto the rotor. But the pedal travels smoothly without any resistance?!?!??! And this phenomenon does not happen when I apply the brakes in Park position. My dealer replaced the brake pads, checked the rotor and everything, but has no idea. Please help!!!

Start researching the details of the Lemon Law in your state. Generally speaking, the dealership gets three attempts to fix a problem before you become eligible for a Lemon Law settlement (replacement vehicle or refund, depending on your state’s statute).

I can tell you from personal experience that, in order to prevent a Lemon Law settlement, Toyota corporate will go to great lengths to fix things on the third repair attempt–if you notify them after the second failed repair attempt. In the case of my friend, for whom I wrote a letter to Toyota corporate, the third repair attempt at the dealership was performed by Toyota’s regional service representative AND a Japanese engineer. After they found and rectified the problem, the service rep essentially told us that the local Toyota mechanics had no clue about how to resolve the problem. Luckily, he and the engineer did resolve the problem on the third repair attempt.

In order to see the details of the Lemon Law for your state, go to: