Toyota 2006 camry le 4 cylinder model

I have Toyota 2006 Camry LE (4 cylinder) with the mileage of 31,000. I bought that car as brand new from SFO Toyota Center during December 2005. (3 years or 36,000 miles rules were expired since Dec/2008). Starting several weeks ago, I have notice that my brake pedal becomes softer than before when I depress the pedal to stop. I checked the brake fluid and found it didn?t reduce. The oldest sister of my wife?s husband has a friend who works at Toyota service center as a mechanic. I brought my car and he test drive my car. He told me that pedal is going down when he depress the pedal due to break master cylinder is defective and needed to replace the break master cylinder and meantime don?t drive fast. I asked him with only 31,000 mileages, is it possible my car?s brake cylinder could be defective. He said yes. But it is really strange. So I brought my car to my wife?s 2nd oldest sister?s husband who worked as mechanic for many years but now retired. He tested my car brake by driving fast and then driving back hard and lifting hand brake several times. Then he said the problem is because of I didn?t use the hand brake (parking brake) and it was stucked. My car brake is nothing wrong. I explained him that I have been using the hand brake (parking brake) every time when I park my car since I bought. When I got home my wife said her 2nd oldest sister?s husband called her and told that my car break is nothing wrong but I?m the only person who crazy and thinking that brake is not normal. Well I can?t argue with my wife. A few days later, I stopped my car at the traffic light where the road is few little upward. My car stopped then brake pedal was sick to the floor very slowly but car was still stopped. Also one day while I was parking my car backward and depressing brake pedal to stop it was sink to the floor slowly so I depress the brake pedal 2 or 3 times very quickly and then car was stopped. Also on the one day while I was driving on the Bay Bridge, I depress the brake pedal to stop and I felt it went very soft so I depressed the pedal several time then brake pedal become hard. So I brought my car to a third mechanic at one of the repair shop in San Francisco. I explained the entire previous story. He test drive my car and he don?t think master cylinder was defective. He rises up the car and checks all the break line found no trace of leakage. So he changed both of the front brake shoe pads, resurface the front break disc, adjust the rear brake disc, flushed out the whole brake fluid with machine. After that, car is stopped just perfect and it only needs to depress the pedal a little. After three day, I have notice that at the very first thing in the morning, I start my engine and depress the brake pedal to shift the gear from Park to drive, the pedal going down to floor as much as when I depressed. I also notice some time brake pedal going down very slowly after car was stopped while I depressing the pedal. So I brought back my car to third mechanic and told him what happened. He raised the car, and then clip all rubber break hose lines for all four wheels. Then he told me to depress the brake pedal (no running engine). Brake pedal was very hard. Then he open the click starting from rear wheel. Still brake pedal was hard then when he open the right side front wheel clip, pedal start going down very slowly and go down completely to floor when he opened the click from front left wheel.

After all he told me that two of the front wheel brake calipers or brake master cylinder are defective and better bring the car to dealer to repair as master cylinder is connected with ABS system and after repaired it needed to set up the code which only can do in dealer. So I asked service adviser from Toyota and he said it is too early for master cylinder to be defective but needed to diagnosis and if master cylinder defective, it will cost $ 487.00 to change the master cylinder. But still needed to make diagnosis test first and it will cost $ 120.00 and if I make necessary repair at their shop, Toyota will waive the diagnosis test charges. I explained my wife the situation. She said it is enough and brake is nothing wrong but I?m the only one who is crazy and thinking brake is not correct. Then she said she will drive my car for six month to her work on the free way 101 Monday to Friday. I don?t want her to get accident on the free way while she is driving my car and I?m so worry about it thou she wants to gamble her life with the brake. Therefore kindly request to advise whether my car?s brake is normal or not and if it is needed to fix what is the best way to do.

I’m sorry, but I refuse to strain my eyes by attempting to read an extremely long question that contains no paragraph breaks.

If you want assistance, you have to give us the courtesy of posting something that is not so much of an effort to read.

Translation: What you are trying to say …
My brakes are spongy.

This is not normal brake operation. You need to get this fixed ASAP. It sounds like a master cylinder to me, but regardless you need to get it fixed before driving it anymore. Brakes are the most important system on a car. A car that goes is of no use if it won’t stop. I can’t emphasize this enough.

On a side note, I have never heard of any vehicle that needs to go to the dealership to reprogram the ABS system after replacing the master cylinder. I can’t even think of a way to design it in such a way. You should be able to get this work done elsewhere for less than the dealer estimate. No matter where you go, get the brakes fixed and stop gambling with your own safety, your family’s safety, and the safety of others on the road, sidewalks, driveways, and anywhere else remotely resembling outside of a very sturdy building.

You’re risking your life, and the lives of others, by continuing to drive this car. Take it to a mechanic, your oldest sister’s husband’s friend or the second oldest sister’s husband (no, not him, he’s nuts), and have it fixed. Whoever told you the master cylinder was bad was correct, although “don’t drive fast” is the worst advice he could have given you.

Get this car fixed before you hurt someone.

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I would definately have the brakes (master cylinder included) inspected. Even if it costs a $487 to fix, that’s not a terribly expensive repair. Brakes are a saftey time, get them fixed.

Master cylinder failure is completely consistent with your symptoms. One stop will be ok and the next stop with petal will be spongy. Eventually it will fail completely and you’ll just run into a tree or another car.

By not believing it was the master cylinder you spent a ton of money replacing the entire braking system and now don’t want to spend more money on fixing the original problem in the first place.

If you wife is blocking spending the money for the repair let her drive the car and let her wreck it. Perhaps after that happens she’ll believe you and not the word of second cousin who was a mechanic retired 12 years ago.

You Should Look At The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s) Data.

You could file a complaint. I believe that when a certain number of complaints are substantiated, an investigation can even result in a recall.

Here’s a link to a page that allows one to file a complaint and search the data base to view safety complaints that have been filed:

Be sure to save all paper work and receipts for service on your vehicle.


I agree with UncleTurbo, all roads lead to the master cylinder. The only other things that would make soft brakes without a fluid leak are air in the system or bad hoses. And those would make the brakes soft all the time. The mechanic who changed the pads and all that was an idiot.

Sorry. Pls disregard my request.

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Thanks for your advice. I’ll bring to dealer .


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I agree with you and will bring it to dealer.


I’ll look in that website.
Tks fr yr help.