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Toyota Camry Kills While Driving

94 Camry V6, 113k miles. It’s happened 4 times in 18 months. Driving city or highway, all of a sudden the car just turns off. After sitting a few minutes it will restart for anywhere from 10 seconds to long enough to drive 10 miles home. Just like another post I saw, mechanics have driven it and had no problems.

1st time it died 10 times in 12 miles to mechanic. Replaced cam shaft & crankshaft sensors & fuel filter. 4 months later, mechanic couldn’t find anything, but they did replace front axle. 4 months later thought it was driving shaky and ready to happen again. Dealer found several things to fix. When I said I couldn’t afford it, took the car home & it was fine for 2-3K miles later. Then same problem, dies 6 times in about 3 miles. Replaced ignition control module. Now it’s 6 months and about 3K later and same thing. This time I can only drive a few feet and it dies.

How can it have the exact same symptoms, have different things fixed and have it happen months later? All the mechanics have read the codes and found different solutions and yet it still happens. I’m a single woman and afraid of getting stranded but can’t afford to replace my car. Right before this started happening my ex replaced my spark plugs, but he could only reach 3 of the 6. The first mechanic said that wasn’t it and I think he may have changed the other 3.