1985 Toyota Camry suddenly dying


I have a 1985 Toyota Camry which has recently developed a problem, it suddenly dies on me. The car has experienced trouble starting, and sometimes when it does start, it will just suddenly die. Moving in a parking lot, or starting from stop at a stoplight, it will just stop. I will have to start the car again.

The history of the problem is as follows:

Sunday afternoon the vehicle would not start. It would turn over, but it wouldn’t catch so to speak.

Monday morning the car would start with difficulty, but died trying to reverse up the driveway, and then again at a stoplight which was situated at an incline. I was unable to start the car aftewards.

Several hours later, the tow truck arrived, and the car started immediately. The car was towed to a AAA service center, where the mechanics were unable to find anything wrong with it. The only thing of note was that the battery (at least 5 years old) was not at its proper charge level. I had them replace the battery and also the fuel filter (it was past due for replacement) and drove the car home. The following two days the car had no trouble.

This morning the car died moving in a parking lot, and seconds later at a stoplight.

Any help anyone could offer in the source of the problem would be appreciated. If any other information would be helpful, please let me know.

My thanks in advance.

My apologies for the double post. In rereading my entry it seemed like I should mention that the test run by the AAA center was a starting and charging test.

My thanks again.