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Camry Dies, then recovers

99 Camry with 136K. Died on three (similar)occasions at roughly six week intervals: Freeway run in warm weather, followed by a few minutes on surface streets, and (for 2 of 3) a turn. Loses power, runs rough, then dies. Recovers after a couple of minutes and is fine. After second event ran SeaFoam as instructed (1/3 each in tank, crankcase, and inhaled thru brake boost suction). What’s the cause? Thanks.

Is the check engine light on? Have you had the codes read? If so, what are they?

Alas, no light and no codes.

I’ve had this same problem with a 96 Camry. It suddenly starts to run rough and can’t hold an idle, then it dies. A few days ago as it was happening the brakes and the steering froze. Would love to have someone give us some insight.