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Toyota camry in reverse gear making whirring noises

I have a my 1995 2 door, automatic, Toyota camry with about 74 thousnad miles on it. I had transmission fluid FLUSH and power steering fluid FLUSH done on this camry only a short time ago.

After that I have driven it for only 200 miles.

Last friday when I put the car in reverse gear it started to make loud whirring noise. It makes no noise when in neutral or other gears. My Camry is automatic, 1995 2 door.

what is causing this loud whirring noise when I put the car in reverse gear?

I am very worried as this is the only car I have and I can’t afford to buy another one due to my financial situation.

I very much appreciate your help. Thanks.

And it never made this noise before the flush?

NO, never. It did not make this noise before the flush.
what has happened? I am so worried.

Did you check the transmission fluid level after the maintenance was performed? That’s the first thing I would do. Don’t take for granted that the fluid is full.