Toyota Camry 94 oil light


Hello fellas

I am having a problem with my Toyota camry 1994, 95020 miles with 2.0 L that i bought 6 weeks ago. The oil light comes on whenever i make a complete stops at a stop signs/light and once i accerates or start moving again it goes off. Pls can tell me why this is happening. A mechanic wanted replace the oil pump, oil gasket and bearing for 1310. Is this the right move or is there something else i can do. i have checked the oil level and recently had it changed but the same thing keeps on happening



sounds like when you stop the oil pump is not pumping enough oil to the top of the motor.i would have the oil pump replaced.


Try replacing the oil sensor.
it could be sending bad info.
not expensive.


It means your oil pressure is low. It could be the pump or the bearings or both as indicated. You might ask how much each one by itself would cost and consider having just one done, but remember you may end up doing both anyway.

Good Luck


It’s usually easier to replace the oil pressure sending unit (and pray) rather than perform an oil pressure check.

If the sender is not the problem (doubtful IMHO) then the problem is more than likely low oil pressure. I would be nervous about replacing the oil pump and throwing a set of bearings in it. This may or may not help it.

The only way I would do this would be if the crank journals were miked and showed to be within specs. If they’re not within specs then what? The proper repair is regrind the crankshaft and this means engine out which means a lot of money.
Hopefully this mechanic understands all of this. Too many of them have a tendency to throw a set of bearings in and send it out; good for the short haul but maybe not so good for the long one. JMHO