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Oil light still on and a slight occasion rattle sound after adding oil

Oil light flickered on. Went straight to store and put oil in it. Light went off, then came back on also making a occasional rattle that stops and comes back. Runs great still! Not running hot. Not losing oil pressure, just that on and off again rattle while driving at any speed or parked.

How low was the oil?

I really couldn’t tell. I put 3 quarts in it total. My dad says it a quart over now

Assuming you added enough oil to bring it to the full mark it sounds like you have not been checking your oil level as often as you should. Maybe an oil and filter change might help if that has not been done for too long of a time. Year and mileage of vehicle would be helpful.

2002 put a rebuilt motor in it maybe 30K miles ago

That’s not a good sign.

Anytime the oil light comes on and at the same time the engine starts to rattle means the oil pressure is falling off as the engine heats up.

What needs to be done is, install a mechanical oil pressure gauge in place of the oil pressure switch, and let the engine idle to see if the oil pressure drops to zero.


Wouldn’t low oil pressure effect the way it drives? Drove perfectly

Thank you. That’s what my dad wanted to know


My first question we asked by Texases.
My second is how often do you let it run below the Fill line on the dipstick?
How often do you check?
How many miles are on the car?
What engine?

As to the pressure… yes, it IS losing oil pressure. That’s what’s causing the light to illuminate.
Your engine displays the symptoms of premature wear. As the parts wear too much, the oil pump can no longer keep the oil pressure up.

My guess is that it’s worn prematurely due to neglect. I tip my hat to your honesty, but you need to read the owner’s manual and follow it. I’d bet that it tells you to check your oil level regularly.

I don’t check it regularly but my dad does. He hasn’t checked it in about a month and a half. That’s the longest it’s ever gone without checking it.

You as the driver should be also checking the things that need to be checked instead of depending on someone else.

I know. Lesson learned

So when I do that if it drops it the oil pump?


  • what year is it,
  • how many miles does it have,
  • what engine does it have, and
  • do you know anything about its history?

It could be the oil pump.

But every vehicle I tested for this problem, it was due to worn crankshaft main and rod bearings.


What we have here is a 2002 Camry with a rebuilt engine that has about 30000 miles on the rebuild and appears to not have had proper servicing.
The thing to do is have a mechanic look at it and hope that the damage done is not catastrophic.

2002 bought it and to put it straight into shop. Mechanic put a rebuild motor in it, with supposedly low miles. Looking at it, it says VVT-i 16 valve

Thanks yall. Wish me luck

Explain a rebuilt engine with low miles?