Toyota Camry 20000 - v6 - 77,000 miles - CEL on

My Toyota CamrY, the Checked Engine Light came on this morning /and in the afteronon when I started the car, it came on as soon as I started the car and it stayed ON.

I haveN’T had a chance to get it scanned for the trouble/error codes yet. I havent driven very far today, only on city streets. I will get it scanned early next week. Out of town this week with my car, will go to my mechanic next Monday.

It seems to drive fine today

I had an oil change done last tuesday, could it be related or is it just coincidental?


My son’s 2000 Camry V6 had the CEL light up this summer at about 83K miles. It needed O2 sensors. Perhaps your situation is similar. The oil change had nothing to do with the CEL.

DTC came back as: PO11130 - Air Fuel sensor/ O2 sensor?? How much is the parts /labor reasonably speasking?

That code does not necessarily mean the O2 sensor is bad. That code only provides a starting point for the diagnostics.

In theory an oil change should not set this code but in practice it could.
The problem would not be the oil change itself but could be caused by someone inadvertently dislodging a vacuum line, PCV hose, or whatver while doing that oil change.

I’d check the car over closely for any vacuum leaks first.