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2011 Toyota Highlander - Looking for help from the Blizzard Pearl crowd

How many people out there have highlanders with the Blizzard Pearl paint that is pealing? Have you contacted Toyota? I have been told by the dealership and Toyota Customer Care that the RAV4 and Camary are being evaluated but they have not had enough complaints about the Highlander to open up a review. If all Highlander owners with problems with paint especially Blizzard Pearl and White will call in to the Toyota Customer Care maybe we can get attention.

Toyota will laugh at you because your vehicule is almost 9 year old.They will call it normal wear and tear.

It seems odd that the Highlander is not included in the Blizzard Pearl paint warranty extension. The warranty extension includes the 4Runner, Avalon, Camry, Corolla and Rav 4, perhaps other models will be added in the future.

Nobody at Toyota is laughing, it will cost many millions to repaint these vehicles.

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