Toyota avalon Heat sensor

Please help, I had posted a couple of weeks ago. The fan on my avalon doesnt come on. If I remove the top, drivers side sensor they start. I replaced that one, and it wasnt it. Please does anyone know where the others are, and how I find out the problem. Thank you Derek

You, still, refuse to get the repair manual, don’t you? I can’t post my source on this board. It’s too lengthy, and, you wouldn’t have access to the url. Try your public library and its Web site. Ask a librarian.

I have 4 kids, and work 70hrs/week. If I had the time/money to get the book I wouldnt be posting on the net. Just kidding. Yes I am lazy, and was hoping someone would see my post, and be able to tell me which on it was. I will have to get sometime this weekend. Thanks for your help.