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Toyota Avalon feul mileage

I have a 2005 Toyota Avalon and have just purchesed a certified used 2010 Toyota Avalon Limited. the advertised gas mileage on the 2005 was 22 city and 31 highway. My experience is that I have gotten this mileage just as advertised. I’m very pleased with this. However, the 2010 avalon is advertised as 18 city and 28 highway. My question is: why the three miles per gallon decrease from 2005 to 2010? I tried to ask Toyota on their web site and there was no way to contact them. Thanks for your time with this.

Richard D. Mountford

The EPA changed the test. Under the new test, the 2005 and 2010 Avalons are both rated at 19/28. See

The way mileage is tested by the EPA is different now than it was in 2005. It’s supposed to be more realistic.

Always remember; you’re mileage may vary.

On our 07 Lexus ES-350 (basically the same car as the Avalon)…we’ve been able to get 33 highway…Wife consistently gets about 24 on her commute to work…mainly rural roads with speeds up to 40mph.

It’s partially because to the change in methodology that the EPA instituted in 2008, and partially because your 2005 has a 5 speed automatic and the 2010 has a 6 speed automatic that offers a slight increase in fuel economy. The revised EPA estimate for the 2005 is 19 MPG city and 28 highway.