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98 Camry tries to accelerate when breaking

Hi, my 98 Camry seems like it tries to accelerate when I press on the break peddle causing the car to jolt. Also, it doesn’t feel like it is accelerating as well as it should be. What could this be?


Maybe you should try the brake pedal instead?

It “feels like it tries to accelerate” when you depress the [b]BRAKE PEDAL[/B]?
Is the car actually accelerating, or is it possible that this is just a perception that could be incorrect?
In other words, is it possible that your BRAKES are not working properly when you depress the PEDAL?

As to, “it doesn’t feel like it is accelerating as well as it should be”, this is likely to be related to the way that the car has been maintained.

When was the last time that you replaced the spark plugs, plug wires, air filter and, fuel filter?
If you can’t recall, then the car is likely overdue for standard maintenance.

In regard to both situations:
Is the Check Engine Light illuminated?
Are any other warning lights illuminated?

The breaks are new and working fine. I am pretty sure it has something to do with the transmission. Sorry I can’t describe it any better because this is my girlfriends car she is the one who drives it regularly.

If you drop your glasses, you might break them.
To stop a car, you apply the brake.

If you go from place to place selling stuff, you peddle stuff.
If you want to stop a car, you press the brake pedal.
A flower can have a bright petal.

Couldn’t help it…

“The breaks are new and working fine”

Yes, but how are the BRAKES working?

I’m sorry, but I have little patience with those who refuse to be educated.

How about answering the questions that I posed in my previous response?
Until you provide more details, we are no closer to a good answer than we were previously.

Yeah, ya really didn’t help.


I agree. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like this is going to help. I can’t answer these myself and I shouldn’t bother the gf about them now. Maybe if I find out the answers later on I can get them up here. Otherwise, thanks for the answers to my premature misunderstood question.


A vacuum leak in the brake booster can cause this problem. Depending on the ECM programming, a large vacuum leak can cause the engine to ‘surge’ as it senses a drop in vacuum, and interprets that as a request for power. The brake booster is powered by vacuum from the engine through a large vacuum line (3/8" ID).

I’ve seen brake boosters fail where they will leak only when the brake pedal is pressed. In some cars and trucks, the engine will sputter or die. But, I can see where the ECM may give the engine more gas to keep it from dying.

This sounds exactly like whats going on. She did mention that her engine did die while she was breaking in park at a light in traffic.

Thanks so much for this!

Not that it helps the OP but at times with customers cars (of various models) I would almost swear that the car seemed to accelerate ever so slightly with just the slightest depression of the brake pedal. No one ever brought a car back saying they felt the same thing though.Perhaps an “X” Files thing.

Well, there is that weird little TCC release thing that happens. The way it feels depends on the TCC design, but generally if it is locked up and you hit the brakes you get an RPM surge. Seems counter-intuitive if you don’t know what is going on.

Of course, I don’t think that sounds like the OP’s problem (I am with BustedKnuckles on the booster) nor do I know whether it matches up to what you are talking about oldschool.